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  • Emerge Supplements

    Emerge Supplements Inc (ESI) is focused on bringing you the highest quality all natural supplements at affordable prices and with outstanding customer service. ESI’s horse formula, Emerge EQ, will give your horse improved coat, body condition and performance by providing a essential Omega-3 fatty acids (FAs) as well as antioxidant Vitamin E. [learn more...]

  • Customer Testimonials

    • "My daughter’s horse, Bella, needed to gain some weight, but despite being well fed, continued to stay boney, especially along her spine and ribs. Emerge was recommended to us, and since using it Bella has filled out beautifully. We’ve also noticed a huge difference in her coat which is now incredibly shiny. I love the fact that Emerge is all natural and the simplicity of using one supplement that meets all of Bella’s needs."
      ~ Stacy D. Alabama

      EmergeEQ ~ Great Weight BuilderEmergeEQ ~ Great Weight Builder

    • I started using this product to help my horse gain some weight and it has helped tremendously!! He is looking fabulous. He has put on muscle weight and his coat looks healthy and has a nice shine. I have gotten a ton of comments on how good he looks since I started using this product. I would definitely recommend this product!!

      ~ Leslie Lowry

      And all together (-:
      LeslieFirst Month

      The difference in a monthThe difference in a month

    • "I'm very happy with the way my 24 year old thoroughbred mare is moving since she's been supplemented with Emerge EQ. Much less stiff in the morning, moving better at liberty and under saddle, wants to run! This is a mare with a healed fracture in a front foot who can be gimpy at times from arthritis, but she sure hasn't been gimpy lately!"
      ~ Donna Groth, Hartford, WI

      Stiff Joints?  Let EmergeEQ helpStiff Joints? Let EmergeEQ help

    • EmergeEQ is a excellent source for extra fat calories but more importantly it is a excellent source for healthy fat calories. Instead of being loaded with Omega 6 fatty acids that WILL increase inflammation in your horses body EmergeEQ is loaded with Omega 3 which is a anti inflammatory.

      In a lot of cases there are horses that will not put on weight even when provided with a good feed program loaded with plenty of hay and grain. In those cases there is usually a under laying cause. In this geldings case, the horse has been to various vets, had multiple tests done and nothing was found. Plenty of free choice hay, the proper ration of grain and excellent care but nothing did the trick until his owner decided a supplement that cost less then $20/month was worth the try. Just less then two weeks later she saw results not only in his weight gain but also in the bright expression in his eyes. After just 11 days he showed a desire to run and play which he had not done in a long time. This guy not only benefited from the extra calories that EmergeEQ provided him but more then anything he benefited from inflammatory properties that the Omega 3 in EmergeEQ provided his body.

      Weight gain with EmergeEQ

      EmergeEQ as a weight builderEmergeEQ as a weight builder

    • Vitamin E and Omega 3

      "Our three year old filly Babes Gother Boots On came up from her turn out with this beauty on December 18th. Merry Christmas to us! The vet stitched it up however was not optimistic that the stitches would hold. His prediction... the skin would die off and we would be left with a huge gaping hole, a prime opportunity for either a really bad infection or proud flesh. Even in the best case we were looking at two months before it would even started to close up.

      When we got home I immediately started her on the EmergeEQ wanting to do everything I could to increase the blood flow and reduce the swelling while hoping to avoid using Bute and other drugs. At one week we went back to the vet to have the stitches taken out and he was very surprised to find that under the bandage, not only was there no swelling but the stitches had mostly held and the skin was very healthy and pink. After two weeks the wound was closed enough to allow for turn out and at just one month, and way ahead of schedule, she is bandage free and almost ready to go back to work. My horses will never go another day without EmergeEQ in their buckets."

      ~Kellie Jensen, Newton Kansas

      EmergeEQ and HealingEmergeEQ and Healing

  • Did You Know?

    Not all fats (or fatty acids) are created equal--and positive health benefits are not associated with each kind of fat--it is important to understand the differences between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. By altering the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet, you can potentially confer beneficial health effects to the horse.

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